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Version: 2000.04.15 by The J Maker

Live Demo:
Main Features:
The animation button applet takes one input image and performs real-time blossom effect at a random center or mouse location.

Customizable Parameters:
image, border width, delay, URL, blossom size step, rotation angle step (Cut and paste the code in this commented HTML example, aipblossom.html)

Execution Tips:
Try to move your mouse slowly into the image and see what happens or click to link to a URL

License Info:
Non-commerical use is free with our copyright message attached. To disable our copyright info appearing in the program or run it in any form of commercial activities (CDs, advertizing, charged downloads, etc), you will need to check out our current pricing plans. Any other uses of our programs will be considered illegal without our written consent,

Download and Installation Guide:
Download and uncompress the file under your web directory. Use a file editor (e.g. WordPad) to open this file and copy the code segemnt between starting and ending APPLET tags into your desirable HTML file. Supply your own image files and type in their names in the parameters.

More Package Info:
  • Overall Statistics: This is a Java applet with 300+ lines of code and the entire package is about 18K.
  • File Description:
  • aipblossom.html - this example
  • aipblossom.jpg - test image
  • aipblossom.class - main class

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