February 1, 2004 "Order into Chaos"
July 13, 2005 "At the Barn Piano"
October 26, 2005 "Screenplay, Part 3"
At the Barn piano, July 13, 2005.
Scott Hamill, Christopher Brown,
James Day
Screenplay, Part 3,
October 26, 2005 @ the Barn
Christopher Brown, James Day
Order into Chaos,
February 1, 2004 @ the Barn
Christopher Brown, James Day
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R & D, sometimes referred to affectionately as Roadnoise
and Dementia, actually does perform the function of
research and development. At the core of our music is a
sense of play, even when the emotional tenor of the
music is serious and heavy. It is our approach to the
music that begins with play and that requires a freshness,
a curiosity, and an unknowingness. When playing
traditional instruments we achieve this sometimes
through simple means: Scott might switch to his banjo or
mandolin, Jim to new samples and myself to an odd pair
of sticks. Nothing can compare, however, to "playing"
readymades such as old tin ductwork, lawnmower blades
or an army cot, and Scott's barn contains a wealth of
such items.
Early on Jim and I incorporated invented instruments and
readymades into our music. But in the early 80's, when
we both had young children, our best opportunity to make
music was the time between their bedtimes and our own.
We resorted to recording in our cars using nothing but
readymades. Over time this experience changed the way
we played our traditional instruments.
While the car suits two people nicely, it was never practical
to incorporate Scott into our Roadnoise outings. And once
we had experienced Scott's barn (Scott saved it from
oblivion over the period 1998 and 2001) we were hooked.
First of all it has a great resonance, which is a big improvement
over the dead space of a car. It contains a wealth of
readymades and it accommodates very large readymades.
And perhaps most importantly it accommodates three people,
which allows for any one of us to lay back or change
instruments. We have recorded in all imaginable conditions,
from the dry cold dead of winter, to damp cool November days
to summer days when raccoons were eager to piss down on
us from the rafters when we had overstayed our welcome.
We first played at the barn in the Spring of 2004. We played
there fairly continuously through late December of 2004 and
resumed again in June of 2005. During this period we
recorded and videotaped most of what became Alchemy.

We always enjoy our play at the barn, and while we recognize
the positive impact on our more "traditional" music making, it
is an end in itself and we can't help but share it alongside our
more digestible output. Below are three audio tracks that
appear on the Alchemy DVD, and further below are three
video excerpts from the same DVD.