Time Warp
Summer 1978 Bender's performance at an outdoor party
More Benders perfomance photos
Tuscon, a 5 minute, 1975 quadraphonic vocal work by Day and Brown, utilizing two quad reel to reels. This version is in stereo.

Photo to left from 1975. Photo on far left from 1973 Brown graduation party.
Early collaborative photography and film stills
Releases past and future
Pre-performance Sound and image from January 2005 ECC performance
Postcard for Premier of Jungle at at The New York Video Festival (2003)
Postcard for Feb. 12, 2002 Hothouse performance
Promo CD from 1998
Postcard from 2001 Empty Bottle performance
Poster from August 23, 2003 premiers
Photo for Electronic Musician 2003
Promo VHS cover from 2000
Postcard from 01-14-01 Hothouse performance
Postcard from May 8, 2002 Hothouse performance
Postcard for 2006 SXSW Fest
Postcard from 08-13-99 Velvet Lounge performance
Postcard from 02-05-00 MCC performance
Photo from January 15, 2005 ECC performance
Still from In the Shadow of Planes, 2005